Adventures of an X30 and other stuff

The Three KNights


This post will try to describe, albeit from a perspective of who is on the other side of the microphone, the recent satellite expedition carried out by the Serbian/Montenegro Cosmic Trouble Makers YU4O Gang. It was a Sat’pedition that departed from Serbia (YU), towards North Macedonia (Z3), passing later, on the way home, through Bulgaria (LZ).

Oh Dear X30

/images/ke9ajlocation.jpg#floatcenter Genesee Mountain (2525 m asl)

Genesee Mountain, West of Denver, in Colorado, received a visit from someone who had a remarkable set of radio equipment and whose aim was to contact ham radio friends in Europe. Friends who were very far away, but hoping to hear KE9AJ’s voice. KE9AJ is Joe.

I already had a contact with Joe, on September 28th, made on AO-7 (b). He was at his QTH, in Pekin, IL (EN50).

4 Oscar 4 Alfa

Dragan, 4O4A

Meeting Dragan

This post is 4 Dragan. Dragan is 4O4A. I recently found his twitter account and since then we maintain regular contact. But this post is also 4 me. Why? Because, above all, there are values that I cherish, such as friendship, sympathy, respect, helpfulness. And this post will make me remember that in the other side of the QSO there’s someone with a soul, and not only a 5N/5NN parrot.