Tonight, I accomplished another step in contacting new DXCC entities and new grids through satellite communications.

First info

John Langille, VE1CWJ, has been in Bermuda (VP9) since this morning. The first reports of activity were sent by John DK9JC, letting the community know in a tweet his QSO with VE1CWJ/VP9 on RS-44.


I was too anxious all day, waiting for the opportunity to contact a new entity and, above all, John, VE1CWJ, a satellite radio operator who has given many new squares to the radio amateur community.

It was then, at the end of the day, that I managed to make contact with VE1CWJ/VP9 on the FO-29 and RS-44 satellites. The second contact was made as a guarantee, as I wasn’t sure I had successfully completed the QSO on FO-29, due to local interference.

John is a fast uploader to LoTW, and moments later I had confirmation of both Qs from grid FM72.

Many thanks, John.

Equipment used

Radio: Icom IC-9700
Power: 25W
Doppler correction: S.A.T. Controller
Antenna: Diamond X-30 vertical

QSO and QSL data


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