Oh Dear X30

/images/ke9ajlocation.jpg#floatcenter Genesee Mountain (2525 m asl)

Genesee Mountain, West of Denver, in Colorado, received a visit from someone who had a remarkable set of radio equipment and whose aim was to contact ham radio friends in Europe. Friends who were very far away, but hoping to hear KE9AJ’s voice. KE9AJ is Joe.

I already had a contact with Joe, on September 28th, made on AO-7 (b). He was at his QTH, in Pekin, IL (EN50).

/images/ke9ajqsl.jpg#floatcenter KE9AJ QSL Card

The QSO map

This time was different. It was about a new ODX. There are 7713.17 km (4792.74 miles) separating my QTH (IN51uk) and Genesee Mountain (DM79iq).


Joe told me: My goal was to help other satellite operators (hopefully) greatly improve their ODX. Usually, a short, but steep hike is required to reach the summit from the parking area. But when I arrived, the top section of road was gated closed for the Winter season, so a much longer 1000 meter hike was required!

KE9AJ Setup

His setup was a Yaesu FT-847 and an Alaskan Arrow Antenna. Also a Notebook computer with pstRotator for doppler correction. He used 20 watts of power, but I assure you that his signal was amazing.

/images/ke9aj_onsite.jpg#floatcenter KE9AJ, Joe, at his operation spot.

The day before our sked, I asked my X30: are you able to work Colorado? I got no answer. I didn’t know if that was a good or a bad sign.

I scheduled the RS-44 pass with my S.A.T. Controller and when I arrived home, on November 23rd, the alarm was already playing, so I ran to the shack (I usually stay at work until 1930z). I searched for Joe’s signal on the announced QRG and heard him working F4BKV. He was strong and I had no idea what was the mood of my X30. I called him. You can hear now our short QSO (thanks to Olivier, F5RRO, for sending me his recording).

Audio recording

I want to thank my friend Olivier, F5RRO, for sending me his recording.

Joe’s tweet

Joe heard me. I heard Joe. That’s a good one, right?


My ODX is right now 7713.17 km (4792.74 miles). QSO with KE9AJ in Genesee Mountain, Colorado (DM79iq). Max elevation for Joe was -1.1ยบ and for me 3.5ยบ. No, not for me, for my X30.


The Grid


Thanks X30 and Thanks Joe, KE9AJ.

Equipment used

Radio: Icom IC-9700
Power: 40W
Doppler correction: S.A.T. Controller
Antenna: Diamond X-30 vertical

QSO and QSL data


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